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How to Carry a Powerful Center in Mind-Body Workouts

By Therese Iknoian

Contrary to what many people believe, your legs don’t power you through movements, nor do your arms power you. Your brain isn’t even what powers you. Your physical (and mental) power center is in your core. Right smack in the center of your body, basically around your belly button and abdominals; that’s your core and that’s where your power center is.

If you try to walk, balance, stand up from sitting, reach to a cabinet or any kind of common sports or daily-life movement, without your core engaged, you aren’t able to move smoothly or strongly. No matter what you do, imagine its movement stems from your center, your power center, and not from the limb doing the action.

Try this little game:

  1. Stand up, and pick up one foot so that you’re doing a stork imitation.

    Contrary to your previous instruction on neutral spine and aligned posture, let your abdominals hang out and your whole body sag. Toppling over, are you?

  2. Pull in your abdominals and turn on all circuits in your power center by focusing all your energy right to your core. Balancing is easier, yes?

    That’s the importance of using your core.

Mindfully, your core is the fountain of all your body’s energy and, according to the theories of some mind-body practices, the core must be worked and massaged so that you can break free of pain, fill yourself with positive energy, successfully complete a move, or find the true meaning of bliss. To accomplish these goals, you don’t just need that central place for power, but also for energy and healing.