How This World Is Like a Movie - dummies

By Sharon Janis

With a vision of Universal Creation, you experience the situations of your life and enjoy the plot twists. You know that a divine actor is playing every part in this movie of life. Behind every personal interaction, you can sense divinity winking at divinity through all the players involved.

Watching your life as you may watch a movie is a state of awareness that some ancient scriptures called witness consciousness. Witness consciousness doesn’t mean that you just space out and disengage from the world, but rather that you watch the play as a witness even while you enthusiastically perform your role in the play. Just as universal Consciousness is both watching and creating this universe, so you are also watching and creating your universe, your personal expression, and your role in this play.

Sometimes you’re watching a comedy, sometimes a romance, and other times it may even be a horror story. Yet, your deepest inner state remains constant throughout all the stories.

Consider an actor who plays a scary bad guy in a horror film. When you watch this awful, evil man on the screen, you’re having an experience that is similar to the kind of illusion called maya.

While watching the movie, you’re afraid of this man. You may even hate him. You want bad things to happen to him, because he is such a bad guy.

Yet, at the same time, you know that he’s really an actor who is probably a very nice fellow with lots of money who goes to Hollywood parties and such. Certainly, you don’t really hope a bomb will explode in his face, nor do you want him to die so that his poor victims — who are probably also feeling quite fine in their own Hollywood homes — will be freed from his scripted wretchedness.

Think of someone in your life who has played the “bad guy” for you. Now imagine that the same universal Consciousness has created both this bad guy and you, and is playing both roles, perhaps to give Itself a bit of challenge to experience and work with.

While immersed in watching a movie, you can see how easy it is to even voluntarily allow yourself to fall for objects that seem to exist, but don’t really. In the case of this movie, you may despise the evil character being portrayed by the actor, even while knowing deep down that if you saw him on the street, you would probably want to ask him for an autograph.

This scenario is similar to what life feels like when you start to see beyond the illusions of life. It doesn’t mean that nothing will ever surprise, disturb, or scare you, nor does it mean that you won’t see what appear to be negative events or people. However, with a more enlightened perspective, you know that all the joys and sorrows, colors and textures, and ups and downs of life are not quite, totally, ultimately real.

In this reality show of your life, don’t forget to smile for the “camera”!