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Bring an Attitude of Curiosity to Your Mindfulness Practice

By Shamash Alidina, Joelle Jane Marshall

Curiosity is at the heart of any learning process. If you’re curious about something, you want to find out more about it. When you feel curious, you ask lots of questions, listen intently and get excited by new information and new concepts.

You can bring an attitude of this curiosity to your mindfulness practice. Ask yourself questions like ‘Where do thoughts come from?’ and ‘What happens if I move towards my frustration and try to breathe into it?’

If you bring curiosity to your daily life, you find that mindfulness spontaneously arises. You’re paying attention, noticing what’s happening and find it easier to be in the present moment.

To cultivate a natural attitude of curiosity, ask yourself the following questions. As you continue to practice mindfulness, put in your own questions too.

  1. What happens if you meditate every day for 20 minutes for four weeks, whether you feel like it or not?

  2. What effect does putting more effort into your meditation have? What happens if you put in less effort?

  3. What happens if you sit or lie really still, even if you have the urge to move?

  4. Where in the body do you feel positive emotions? Where do you feel negative ones? What shape and color do the emotions have, if any?

  5. What effect does having a gentle smile whilst meditating have on your practice?

Ask questions about the way you think and feel, and bring a sense of wonder with your questioning. Doing so helps you to understand yourself, including your thoughts and feelings, better. An attitude of curiosity also helps you to understand others better, as humans are all made in a similar way.