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Become More Mindful by Identifying Your Values

By Shamash Alidina, Joelle Jane Marshall

Values are the things that you believe are important in your life — your heart’s deepest desires about how you want to act. Identifying your values and moving towards them causes you to feel more satisfied.

Values aren’t goals but rather directions you want to move in. You can think of a value as being like a direction on a compass. Not knowing your value is like not knowing the direction you want to travel in.

Thinking of values as directions and not goals also reminds you that you never reach a direction. If you’re going north, you can keep heading north, wherever you are. Similarly, values represent a way of living that you’re continually travelling in.

Look though the values and circle those that you feel are very important for you. Put a star next to the ones that are quite important and cross out any values that aren’t important to you at all. You can add your own chosen values, too. Don’t think about the process too much — trust your instinct and see what results you get.

Discern Your Common Values
Adventure Gratitude Openness Strength
Beauty Hard work Peace Success
Calmness Happiness Perfection Teamwork
Creativity Health Pleasure Tolerance
Cleanliness Improvement Power Tradition
Community Independence Preservation Trust
Curiosity Integrity Progress Truth
Determination Justice Punctuality Variety
Diversity Kindness Respect Wellbeing
Enjoyment Knowledge Safety Wisdom
Fairness Learning Self-reliance
Family Love/romance Sensitivity
Freedom Mindfulness Service
Friendship Money Simplicity
Generosity Nature Spirituality