Keeping Your Camera Safe and Working While You Travel - dummies

Keeping Your Camera Safe and Working While You Travel

When you’re traveling, you need to take care of your digital camera to keep it in working order. Protect your camera when you travel, and keep that camera safe for many photogenic trips to come.

1Get a cleaning kit to take with you.

Your travel cleaning kit should include a microfiber cleaning cloth, a blower brush, and silica packets (which absorb any moisture that gets in your camera bag).

2Make a raincoat for your camera from a plastic freezer bag.

Draw the end of the bag over the camera’s lens barrel and cut a hole large enough for it to shoot through to create a low-cost rain poncho for the camera.

3Use paper towels to soak up any moisture that gets inside the rain-poncho freezer bag.

Also have something to dry your hands with, such as a Pack Towel, so you’re not touching the camera with wet hands.

4If a thin film of corrosion builds up on your camera battery and terminal contacts, gently rub both with a pencil eraser and reinsert the batteries.

This adds extra life to batteries you’d otherwise have to throw away.