How to Use eBay to Shop for Digital Cameras and Equipment - dummies

How to Use eBay to Shop for Digital Cameras and Equipment

eBay is a great place to locate digital camera equipment at a price you’re willing to pay. You can find older digital cameras and lenses, as well as difficult-to-find accessories on eBay. To use eBay successfully:

  • Check the seller’s feedback.

    Each eBay ID has a Feedback Rating number next to it, which represents the net number of positive feedbacks (that is, positives minus negatives) received. Sellers or buyers with 50 to 100 or more positives and no negatives are probably reliable. Those with fewer feedbacks or a few negatives might also be good eggs, but be sure to check a little further.

  • Pay for your items by using your credit card through a service like PayPal.

    eBay item pages tell you whether the seller accepts PayPal. If you use your credit card through PayPal, PayPal or your credit card might be able to get you a refund if the deal goes awry.

  • Don’t expect sensational deals on cameras or lenses that have just been introduced.

    You probably can’t find new cameras for less than about $50 cheaper than retail.

  • Don’t buy memory cards on eBay.

    There’s a robust trade is in counterfeit memory cards on eBay.

  • When purchasing used equipment, see whether you can get a money-back guarantee or an inspection period.

    This gear is frequently sold as-is, which can be okay if the seller is well respected (has a lot of positive feedback), but risky if the seller is new.