How to Use a GoPro Camera with a Tripod - dummies

How to Use a GoPro Camera with a Tripod

By John Carucci

For general image stability, nothing beats a tripod. Using a tripod with your GoPro requires the accessory tripod mount, which serves as an adapter between the camera and the tripod head. If you opt to use one for your next GoPro capture, try the following tips:

  • Place the tripod on level ground. Make sure that you plant the tripod firmly on a level surface.

  • Check that everything is tightened. This includes the GoPro mount.

  • Keep an eye on the horizon. Because the camera has such a wide view, any slight movement of the mount will make the footage look as though like the world is sliding downhill. Unless you have a specific creative purpose in mind, an evenly balanced horizon is essential. Be sure to monitor the scene in the GoPro App on your smartphone before pressing the Shutter/Select button.


  • Position the tripod properly. Chances are that you’ll be close to the subject, so if you’re using a standard tripod, try not to point one of the tripod legs toward the subject. Otherwise, you risk getting the tripod leg in the shot or causing someone trip to over it. If you’re using something like a GorillaPod, make sure that it’s wrapped securely around whatever you wrap it around.

At one point or another, you may consider holding the camera in one hand and your smartphone (running the GoPro App) in the other. Don’t even think about hitting the wet stuff with your GoPro with smartphone in tow. It’s like going out with Superman and finding that bullets don’t bounce off your chest.