How to Set White Balance on GoPro Cameras (Black Edition) - dummies

How to Set White Balance on GoPro Cameras (Black Edition)

By John Carucci

If you’re feeling adventurous or simply want to control the color temperature of a scene on your GoPro, feel free to change the White Balance setting. By default, your GoPro is set to Auto, but you have other options, including these:

  • Auto: Adjusts automatically to the color temperature of the light source.

  • 3000K: Works well for capturing indoor scenes.

  • 5500K: Lets you manually balance color outdoors.

  • 6500K: Matches the color temperature of moderately overcast skies and some forms of fluorescent lighting.

  • Camera RAW: Records a RAW file so you can adjust the color temperature during the postproduction process.


Here’s how you can change the White Balance setting:

  1. Press the Power/Mode button to scroll through the menus until you get to the Settings menu.

    The Settings menu’s icon looks like a wrench.

  2. Press the Shutter/Select button to select Settings.

  3. Make sure Protune is on.

    Otherwise the White Balance menu will not be visible.

  4. Scroll until you get to capture settings.

    Enter it by pressing the Shutter/Select button.

  5. Go to the White Balance option.

  6. Use the Shutter/Select to select one of the following options: Auto, 3000K, 5500K, 6500K, or Camera Raw, and press the Power/Mode button to set it.