Getting the Scoop on Digital Cameras from Online Discussion Forums

If you want to know the details about a particular digital camera (or digital cameras, in general), head to an online discussion forum. Users the world over access these forums to give and find forum reviews, advice, and warnings about all things digital photography. Here are some sites with friendly and helpful discussion forums:

  • Digital Photography Review: This site includes discussion groups where people debate the pros and cons of different camera models.

  • Imaging Resource: You can find a discussion forum for every type of digital camera on this site, as well as many topics related to digital photography.

  • The site is home to several discussion groups, from the general to the very specific.

  • You can find discussion groups that offer digital-photo tidbits from other users.

You can browse these sites for information about the camera you want to buy, and then you can sign up and post your own thoughts on your new digital photography experiences.