Exposure Warnings on Your Digital SLR Camera - dummies

By Robert Correll

Your camera may have several exposure-related warnings that let you know it can’t take a good photo the way the camera is currently set up. For example, you may have the shutter speed set so fast that the camera can’t open the aperture wide enough to take a properly exposed photo. Typically, the setting that is the problem will blink. See the table for a summary of problems and solutions.

Exposure Warnings and Their Solutions

Setting What’s Happening Solution
Aperture and shutter speed If both the aperture and shutter speed values blink, the camera can’t select a combination that will properly expose the image. This most often happens in program autoexposure mode. Adjust the lighting or change the ISO setting.
Aperture only The aperture blinks if the camera can’t set the aperture to expose the image properly at the selected shutter speed. This happens in shutter-priority mode. Change the shutter speed or ISO.
Shutter speed The shutter speed value blinks if the camera can’t select a shutter speed that will produce a good exposure at the aperture you selected. This happens in aperture-priority mode. Choose a different f-stop or adjust the ISO.