Using Camera Supports to Keep Your Digital Image Moving Steady

A tripod alone doesn’t help you take a steady picture if you need to move your digital camera quickly between photos. Moveable digital camera supports, such as dollies and shoulder stocks, can keep camera movement to a controlled minimum:

  • Tripod with a panning head: A tripod with a panning head can greatly improve your efforts to follow the action because it allows free horizontal movement while keeping the camera steady vertically.

  • Camera dolly: If your setup is likely to call for a lot of back-and-forth movement, you might want to consider a camera dolly device — a kind of wagon — that lets you roll your camera/tripod rig back and forth, as needed.

    You need a standard tripod to place on a camera dolly to keep your camera steady.

  • Shoulder stocks: These devices are modeled after rifle stocks and work on the principle that by bracing the camera into your shoulder, you can hold it steady while keeping it mobile.