How to Use Tablets and Pens to Edit Your Digital Photos

You may be more comfortable doing image-editing computer program work on your digital photos by using a pen-based graphics tablet, rather than a clunky old mouse. Pressure-sensitive tablets that have cordless pens are especially cool:

  1. Attach the tablet to your computer.

    Depending on your particular tablet, you may connect it by using a USB cable, as shown in this figure.

  2. Install the tablet’s software on your computer.

    The tablet probably came with an installation CD, and your computer should guide you through the process (like in this figure).

  3. Open your image-editing software and start drawing!

    You’ll find you have more control using a tablet, rather than a mouse.

Tablets and pens are a very natural way of working with graphics; if you can draw, you can use one faster and more accurately than you can sketch with a mouse.