Comparing Digital Camera Types - dummies

Comparing Digital Camera Types

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Shopping for a digital camera is like choosing any device. You can carefully weigh multiple criteria considering expert reviews, or you can buy the blue one. All cameras have features that will be more or less important to you. The following table breaks down the pros and cons of each digital camera type.

Style Cost Pro Con
Basic Point and Shoot (P&S) $125 to $250 Small size. Simple operation. Perfect for snapshots. Limited features/flexibility.
High-end P&S (bridge cameras) $250 to $500 Multiple automatic and manual modes. Powerful zoom lens for
getting closer to distant subjects.
Larger than basic P&S.
Digital Single Lens Reflex (DSLR) $500 to $5,000 Large photo sensor yields high quality images. Faster
operation. Interchangeable specialty lenses (macro,
Takes time to master. Expensive.

Amazon is a great source for reviews from real people who have used a particular product. For professional reviews of digital camera equipment, visit CNET and