Whole Grains versus Processed Grains - dummies

Whole Grains versus Processed Grains

By Cheryl Forberg

Part of Cooking with Quinoa For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Some whole grains lose much of their nutritional value when they are processed into flour or flattened into flakes. Quinoa doesn’t. It is always gluten-free and always whole grain. When you shop for whole grains, use the following chart to help you make the choice that’s better for your healthy lifestyle. (Note: Not all of these grains are gluten-free.)

Comparing Whole Grains and Processed Grains
Grain Whole Grain Winner Processed Variety to Avoid
Barley Hulled barley Pearl barley
Corn Stone-ground cornmeal or polenta Fine ground
Oats Steel-cut or old fashioned rolled oats Instant oatmeal
Rice Brown rice, wild rice White rice
Bulgur Coarse, medium or fine ground N/A
Couscous Whole wheat Regular or white
Quinoa All varieties N/A
Wheat Whole wheat Enriched wheat; all purpose