Basic Ingredients for the Gluten-Free Kitchen - dummies

Basic Ingredients for the Gluten-Free Kitchen

By Danna Korn

Part of Gluten-Free Cooking For Dummies Cheat Sheet

When compiling the ingredients for your gluten-free kitchen, you want to make sure you don’t accidentally introduce an item with gluten. If you do, you have the chance of contaminating your entire pantry. Here’s a quick list of basic ingredients you might want to keep in your pantry:

  • All the gluten-free flours

  • Xanthan gum

  • Guar gum

  • A premixed batch of my baking mix

  • Quinoa (a personal favorite — great to toss into soups and other foods)

  • Rice (brown rice is best)

  • Gluten-free bread crumbs (which can be ordered online)

  • Gluten-free crackers (which you can crumble and use as coatings on foods, fillers in meatloaf, and in soups and salads)

  • Gluten-free snacks (important to have on-hand for kids)