Growing Your Own Greens - dummies

By Alan L. Rubin, Cait James

Growing fresh baby greens is incredibly simple, no matter where you live. Their shallow root systems make them ideal for indoor gardening. All you need is a shallow bowl or planter, high-quality potting soil, lettuce seeds, and a nice sunny window.

Here’s how you do it:

  1. Fill a shallow container that has good drainage with high-quality potting soil.

  2. Gently press seeds into the soil.

    Because you’ll be harvesting your baby greens when they’re, well, babies, you don’t need to space out the seeds. Go ahead and just sprinkle them around rather than make nice neat rows.

  3. Water your seeds.

    Keep the seeds moist but not soggy. Light but frequent watering produces the best leafy greens.

  4. Set the container in a sunny window.

    Most greens germinate, or sprout seeds, within a few weeks. Feel free to start harvesting when the greens are a few inches tall. Just trim off what you need with kitchen shears.

To keep a constant supply of greens on hand, sow a second container two weeks later. Use a mixture of different seeds to create your own spring mix.