Freezing Fresh Vegetables - dummies

Freezing Fresh Vegetables

Fresh vegetables are quick and easy to freeze. And if you blanch your vegetables before freezing them, they retain their fresh qualities after you freeze them. Follow these steps for freezing vegetables:

1Choose only perfect vegetables, free of bruises and imperfections, and not overly ripe.

To get good frozen vegetables, you have to start with good fresh vegetables!

2Work with small, manageable quantities.

Freeze about 2 pounds at a time.

Rinsing vegetables under running water.

3Wash and drain your vegetables.

Rinse them under running water in the sink.

4Prepare your vegetables according to your recipe.

You usually need to blanch the vegetables.

5Chill your vegetables before packing them for freezing.

Chill in ice water for 3 minutes and then drain well. Use a salad spinner, if you have one.

Putting the vegetables in a ziploc bag.

6Fill your container.

Allow the proper headspace if you’re using rigid containers or remove all the excess air from freezer bags.

7Label your package and add it to your freezer.

Your fresh-frozen vegetables should stay good for about a year in the freezer.