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There is never a wrong way to eat honey. It pairs perfectly with every food group, and sometimes it is best enjoyed simply off the spoon. You will find that some food pairings will quickly become your favorites.

Honey served with cheese is a timeless classic. This favorite pairing can be traced back to a Roman gourmand named Marcus Gavius Apicius (first century AD).

Begin with foods that have flavors and textures you enjoy. Try fresh pears, figs, or walnuts with bread or crackers. Now choose a few varietal honeys or your own harvest, and drizzle over the pairing. Look for combinations that complement or contrast with the honey. Sometimes they blend in your mouth to create an entirely new tasting experience.

When one overpowers the other or cancels out another flavor, you have a clash in your mouth. A creamy goat cheese complements a buttery and fruity honey. A rich, dark honey contrasts nicely with a stinky bleu cheese. Serve honey with bread and crackers and sides like fresh or dried fruits, nuts, and vegetables to add color and texture. The choices are endless, and you'll have fun serving up your favorites at your next gathering.

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