Use a PSPgo to Access a PS3 via Private Network - dummies

Use a PSPgo to Access a PS3 via Private Network

You can use the PSPgo’s remote play feature to access your PlayStation 3 (PS3) via a private network. When you remotely access your PS3 with a PSPgo, you can access any of the media stored on the PS3, including movies and many software titles. The easiest way to use your PSPgo to access a PS3 remotely is over a private network.

In order to use remote play, your PS3 system software needs to be running version 1.80 or later. If you need a newer software release, you can download it for free at the PlayStation Web site.

  1. Connect the PSPgo to one of the PS3’s USB slots using the multi-use cable that came with the PSPgo.

    Before you can use remote play, you must register the PSPgo with the PlayStation 3.

  2. On the PS3 go to Settings→Remote Play Settings→Register Device. Press the X button.

    A screen will appear stating that you’re about to register a device that can operate your PS3 remotely.

  3. Press the X button again.

  4. On the PSPgo go to Settings→USB Connection and press the X button.

    This will put the PSPgo into USB mode. On the PS3, you’ll see that the registration completes.

  5. Press the X button on the PS3 to close the registration window.

    The PS3 is now ready to be accessed remotely.

  6. On the PSPgo, navigate to the Network option on the XMB, and then to the Remote Play option. Press the X button.

    You can now use remote play to connect to your PS3 either over a private network or the Internet.

  7. Select the Connect via Private Network option and press the X button.

    An information screen will remind you that the PS3 needs to be Remote Play mode. Select the box, if you don’t wish to see this message again.

  8. Press the X button. Select the Registered PlayStation 3 from the list of available connections. Press the X button.

    You’ll see a couple of connection screens and then the PS3’s XMB will appear on your PSPgo. You can access any of the items store on the PS3.