They always said androids would take over the world, but this is nuts. Android is now the most popular mobile OS on the planet. Learn what makes it tick with our helpful articles.

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Android Smartphones For Seniors For Dummies

Published 11-24-2021

The quickest and easiest way to outsmart your Android smartphone 

Android smartphones, like the Samsung Galaxy and Google Pixel models, offer great ways to simplify and enhance your life. From easy ways to stay in touch with your friends and family to helpful reminders for everyday tasks, Android phones can keep you connected and current at all times. Sometimes, though, the learning curve can seem a little steep. 

But it doesn’t have to! Android Phones For Seniors For Dummies is your one-stop guide to discovering the essentials on how to take charge of your Android-powered phone. It skips the techspeak and confusing jargon to deliver key information in a straightforward and reader-friendly way. 

With this book, you’ll learn to: 

  • Navigate your way around your smartphone so you can easily open and close apps, access info, and see photos 
  • Read your email and messages so you can stay in touch with the important people in your life 
  • Secure your phone so you can be assured that you, and only you, can access the sensitive data on it 

Printed using larger-print type and accompanied by full-color pictures that show you how to apply the step-by-step instructions, this easy handbook is the only resource you’ll need to make the most of your Android phone. 

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Android For Dummies

Published 09-09-2020

Your comprehensive (and very friendly!) reference guide to Android phones and tablets 

You’re used to hearing it said that the phone in your pocket or tablet by your bed has more computing power than the entire Apollo 11 space program in the 1960s (or something similarly impressive)—and this is no less true for Android devices than any other. Sounds great—but what does that actually mean you can do with them? The new edition of Android For Dummies reveals all for new and experienced users alike, making it easy to get the most out of the awesome computing power of Android smartphone and tablet devices—from communications and pictures and videos to the wonderful world of 2.8+ million Google apps!   

Cutting through the jargon, bestselling tech author Dan Gookin puts you in touch with all the Android features you’ll need to know (and many more you’ll be pleased to discover!), from setup and configuration to the major features, such as text, email, internet, maps, navigation, camera, and video, as well as synching with your home computer. In addition to getting familiar with these and the latest Android 10 operating system (OS)—in both Google Pixel and Samsung versions—you’ll become an expert on the best ways to share your thoughts, videos, and pictures on social media, navigate with Android Auto when driving, and maintain your files so they’re orderly and easy to find.   

  • Explore Android devices, from physical functions to software and online features 
  • Communicate via email, social media, Google Duo video calls, and more 
  • Tweak your privacy settings to keep your information secure 
  • Use Android Auto when driving and see in the dark with Night Light and Dark Mode  

Androids may be able to land a spacecraft on the Moon (yet) but there’s a whole universe waiting right there in the device at your fingertips—and this book is the perfect place to begin to explore!  

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