Upgrades and Accessories for the Xbox 360 - dummies

Upgrades and Accessories for the Xbox 360

No Xbox 360 gaming console is complete without the latest upgrades and accessories. Most electronics retailers have a wide variety of upgrades and accessories for the Xbox 360. So where do you begin? Below are the top 5 upgrades and accessories that every gamer will want.

  1. The Xbox 120GB External Hard Drive ($149)

    This external hard drive is the number one upgrade for you Xbox 360. It can be store more game saves than you could ever fill up. You can also use the hard drive for storing all your multimedia needs like music and movies, not to mention game demos and other downloads from Xbox Live.

  2. Xbox 360 Headset (range from $19 to $49)

    Using an Xbox 360 headset lets you communicate with other gamers without having to stop game play to type out messages. Xbox 360 headsets come in a variety of styles from the simple, wired headset with a mic wand to a Bluetooth in-the-ear headset.

    The latest addition to the field of Xbox 360 headsets is from Mad Catz. This cool headset wraps around the back of your neck and rest against your larynx. The vibrations in your throat create the audio.

  3. Xbox Live Vision Camera ($40)

    The Xbox Live Vision Camera is the ultimate web cam. Not only can you use it for chatting via video with your friends in Xbox Live, you can also use it to capture your body movements and control game play in all the new gesture-controlled games.

    Many new games also include the “face in the game” feature. These games can use the Xbox Live Vision Camera to photograph your face and project your image onto the character in the game.

  4. Xbox 360 Wireless Network Adapter ($99)

    No Xbox 360 setup would be complete without an Xbox 360 wireless network adapter. With the wireless network adapter you can connect your Xbox to the world. Whether you want to check out Xbox Live, stream videos from Netflix or tap into the world of online gaming, you need to get connected. Most of today’s games are either played exclusively on an online game server or offer online game play options. This isn’t an upgrade it’s a necessity.

  5. Specialized Xbox 360 controllers (ranging from $30 to $75)

    The number of options for Xbox 360 controllers is mind-boggling. There are standard wireless controllers. There are controllers that include a text messaging keypad. There are racing wheels and flight sticks. You can even get arcade pads that have the same style buttons and wheels you find in arcade games.

    If there’s a particular game or style of game that your gamer loves to play, finding an Xbox 360 controller that is designed to work for that game will make playing even more enjoyable.