Upgrades and Accessories for the PlayStation 3 - dummies

Upgrades and Accessories for the PlayStation 3

No PlayStation 3 setup is complete without the latest upgrades and accessories. Most electronics retailers have a wide variety of upgrades and accessories for the PlayStation 3 to choose from. So where do you begin? Below are the top 5 upgrades and accessories that every PlayStation gamer wants.

  1. Upgrade the PlayStation 3 Hard Drive (320GB = $75)

    If you use your PlayStation 3 as a full-fledged multimedia system, you’ll find that the smaller PlayStation drives can quickly run out of room. Replacing the original drive with an inexpensive SATA replacement drive will give you room to grow.

    Be sure to purchase only an SATA 2.5 inch 5400 rpm internal hard drive that is formatted as Fat32 in order to ensure that it is compatible with the PS3 system.

    When you upgrade the hard drive on a PS3, you are actually getting rid of the old drive. This means that any game saves or other files on the old drive will be lost unless you back up the PS3 system to an external hard drive.

  2. Headsets (range from $19 to $75)

    Using a PlayStation 3 headset lets you communicate with other gamers without having to stop game play to type out messages. Why not talk trash to your opponents while delivering the deathblow! The PlayStation 3 headsets come in a variety of styles from the simple, wired headset with a mic wand to a Bluetooth in-the-ear headset.

  3. PlayStation Eye ($35)

    The PlayStation Eye is better than any web cam. Sure it can be used project your image while your chatting, but it also has a built-in microphone. No need to hassle with a headset. You can use the PlayStation Eye to chat with up to 6 people at the same time.

    The software for the PlayStation Eye also has excellent speech recognition for controlling your system. You can also use it to capture your body movements to control game play in all the new gesture-controlled games and to put yourself inside many new games. You can even use the EyeCreate software to edit your photos and videos and send them to your friends.

  4. PlayStation 3 Wireless Keypad ($50)

    Face it. Typing messages with the traditional PlayStation controller can be a pain. The new PlayStation Wireless Keypad makes it a pleasure. Just attach the wireless keypad to any DUALSHOCK or SIXAXIS PlayStation controller and you have a full QWERTY keyboard at your fingertips.

    The Wireless Keypad includes programmable shortcut keys that you can use any way you want. And if you place the controller in Touchpad mode, the entire keypad surface becomes a large touch pad mouse for easy scrolling and selecting. When you’re browsing the web with PlayStation 3 the touch pad acts just like a traditional mouse complete with onscreen cursor.

  5. Specialized Xbox 360 controllers (ranging from $30 to $99)

    The number of options for PlayStation controllers is mind-boggling. Try the DUALSHOCK controller. It is essentially a SIXAXIS controller, but it has the added sensation of vibration and resistance to make game play seem more real. There are also racing wheels and flight sticks available. You can even get arcade pads, which are controllers that have the same style of buttons and wheels you find in arcade games.

    One of the newest sensations in game controllers is the FragFX from Split Fish. The FragFX is actually two separate controllers — one for each hand. The right hand is essentially a mouse for selecting onscreen options and the left hand has the firing controls. This one has been getting great reviews and is particularly adept at handling battle games like Call of Duty.

    If there’s a particular game or style of game that your gamer loves to play, finding an PlayStation 3 controller that’s designed to work for that game will make playing even more enjoyable.