Working with Multiple Images in the iPad's Photo App - dummies

Working with Multiple Images in the iPad’s Photo App

In the iPad’s Photo app, you might want to make decisions about multiple pictures at the same time, whether you’re sharing them online, copying or printing them, adding them to a new album, or deleting them in bulk. Here’s a convenient way to do so:

  1. Launch the Photos app, and either tap a specific album in the app or open to a moments view so that you see thumbnails of your pictures.

  2. Tap Select at the upper right, and then tap each thumbnail on which you are planning to take action, so that a check mark appears.

    As you do so, the count for each picture you select increases.

  3. Tap the Action icon and the action you want to take.

    You can share pictures on a social network in bulk, e-mail them, send them via a message, or copy or print them. If you’re not already in Camera Roll, you can also save pictures there. The options that appear may vary depending on how many pictures you’ve selected — there’s a limit on e-mailing too many photos, for example.

    You don’t have to tap the Action icon to add pictures to a designated album or to delete them. After making your picture selections, look for Add To and the trashcan icon at the upper-left corner of the screen. Tap Add To and then, from the list that appears, tap the album where you want the pictures you’ve chosen to land. If you tap the trashcan icon instead, you can delete the selected photos.