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Where to Buy Your iPad 2

iPads are not available for purchase just anywhere. But with the launch of iPad 2, you can buy iPads not only at the Apple Store but also BestBuy, Walmart, Sam’s Club, and Target.

You can also purchase iPads online at sites such as MacMall. In addition, you can also buy 3G models from the data providers such as AT&T and Verizon.

If you get your iPad from Apple, either at the Apple Store or its online store, there is a difference in the buying experience.

  • The Apple Store advantage is that the sales staff will help you unpack your iPad and make sure it’s working properly, register the device (which you have to do before you can use it), and help you learn the basics of using it.

    Occasional workshops are held at the store to help people learn about using the iPad. Apple employees are famous for being helpful to customers.

  • Apple Stores aren’t on every corner, so if visiting one isn’t an option (or you just prefer to go it alone), you can go to the Apple Store website and order one to be shipped to you.

    Standard shipping typically is free, and if there’s a problem, Apple’s online store customer service reps, who are known for being helpful, will help you solve the problem or replace your iPad.