Wallpaper for Your iPad - dummies

By Edward C. Baig, Bob LeVitus

Choosing wallpaper is a neat way to dress up the iPad home screen according to your aesthetic preferences. You can sample the pretty patterns and designs that the iPad has already chosen for you as follows:

  1. Tap Brightness & Wallpaper, and then tap the two iPads below the word Wallpaper.

    A list of photo albums appears with Wallpaper, a photo album of lovely images included with your iPad, as shown.


  2. Tap Wallpaper or one of your own photo albums in the list.

    Thumbnails of the images in that album appear.


  3. Tap a thumbnail image.

    That image fills the screen.

  4. When an image is full-screen, four options appear at the top of the screen:

    1. Set Lock Screen makes your selected image the wallpaper of choice when the iPad is locked.

    2. Set Home Screen makes the wallpaper decorate only your Home screen.

    3. Set Both makes your image the wallpaper for locked and Home screens.

    4. Cancel takes you back to the thumbnail page without changing your Home or Lock Screen.

From Settings, you can also turn your iPad into an animated picture frame.