Viewing the Calendar on Your iPad - dummies

Viewing the Calendar on Your iPad

The Calendar application on iPad offers several ways to view your schedule, so the first step in mastering it is to learn how to navigate those various views. You get started by tapping the Calendar app icon on the Home screen to open it. Then tap one of the top buttons to change the view. Here are your choices:

  • Day: This view displays your daily appointments with times listed on the left page, along with a calendar for the month and an hourly breakdown of the day on the right page.


  • Week: Use the Week view to see all your events for the current week. In this view, appointments appear with times listed along the left of the screen.


  • Month: See one month at a time and switch among months with the Monthly view. In this view, you don’t see the timing of each event, but you can spot your busiest days and what days have room for yet one more event.


  • List: The List view displays your daily calendar with a list of all commitments for the month to the left of it.


To move from one day/week/month to another, use the Timeline displayed along the bottom of every view. Tap a day to move to it, or use the Forward or Backward button to move forward or backward one increment at a time: a day at a time in Day view, a week at a time in Week view, and so on.

To jump back to today, tap the Today button in the bottom-left corner of the Calendar.

For the feel of a real calendar book, rotate your screen when in the Calendar app. It provides a nice book-like experience, especially in the Day view.