View Pictures from Your iPad - dummies

By Edward C. Baig, Bob LeVitus

Two cool ways to view pictures from your iPad are using the AirPlay feature for viewing photos on TV, or using your iPad as a digital picture frame. The AirPlay feature that lets you stream music and videos from the iPad to an Apple TV works with photos, too.

To watch the slide show (or view individual pictures) on a big screen TV via Apple TV, tap the AirPlay button shown in the upper-right corner of the figure and then tap Apple TV from the list.


If the AirPlay button isn’t visible, make sure that the iPad and Apple TV share the same Wi-Fi network. Tap the iPad button to view the slide show again on the iPad. The experience is very cool.

Even when the iPad is locked, it can do something special — turn into a handsome animated digital picture frame, a variation on the slide show feature. To turn on this feature, tap the Picture Frame icon in the lower-right corner of the Lock screen. (It can also be used as a camera when locked, meaning you don’t have to fumble when the perfect shot unexpectedly presents itself.)

Inside Picture Frame Settings, reachable like all other settings when you tap the Settings icon on the Home screen, you can choose one of two transitions (Dissolve or Origami), turn a “zoom in on faces” feature on or off, and arrange to play slides in random or shuffle mode. And, of course, you can pick the albums or photos to include in your slide show.

To truly take advantage of the frame feature, prop up the iPad so that you can see it by using Apple’s optional iPad Dock or the Smart Cover accessory for the iPad 2 and third-generation iPad. Many third-party accessories also let you prop up the iPad.

You can pause or stop a slide show by tapping the Picture Frame icon or sliding the slider to unlock the iPad. To disable the feature altogether, tap General under Settings, tap Passcode Lock so that it’s on (you have to enter your passcode at this point, if you have one), and tap Picture Frame so that the setting is off.