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View and Check Off Reminders on Your iPad

By Edward C. Baig, Bob LeVitus

After you create reminders with the Reminders app on your iPad, the app helps you see what you have and have not done and offers a few other tools that are good to know about:

  • Checking off reminders: You probably noticed that every reminder you create includes a check box to its left. You may have also noticed a list named Completed above all the other lists. Unlike other lists, it cannot be deleted. It’s because your Reminders app keeps track of your completed tasks for you, moving them from the list you put them on to the Completed list.

    So that’s what happens when you select that little check box. Furthermore, if you deselect that box, your reminder jumps right back onto the list it came from.

  • Searching reminders: To search for a word or phrase in all your reminders, completed or not, tap the Search field at the upper left, type your word or phrase, and then tap the Search key. Or, from the Home screen, swipe right to search for it with Spotlight.

  • Choosing between List or Date view: If you prefer a more time-centric approach to your reminders, switch from List view to Date view by tapping the Date tab above the Search field. Date view shows your dated reminders regardless of which list they’re on.


    When you’re using Date view, only dated reminders appear on the right. Sadly, you see no indication of which days have reminders associated with them in the calendars on the left side of the screen. So, to see your future reminders, you have to tap every date to see whether it contains any reminders.

  • Keeping reminders on your Mac or PC: You can create reminders on your Mac or PC with To Do items in iCal or Tasks in Outlook. And if you’re using iCloud, your reminders will always be up to date on all your devices.

That’s about it. The Reminders app isn’t a bad effort. If it lacks a feature or two that you desire, check out the myriad third-party To-Do list apps in the App Store.