Using the iPad at Work: Common Buttons and Gestures - dummies

Using the iPad at Work: Common Buttons and Gestures

By Galen Gruman

Part of iPad at Work For Dummies Cheat Sheet

The iPad is controlled primarily through your fingers, by moving them on the screen. But you do use some physical buttons to control your iPad. Note that not all gestures are available in all apps or app screens; the word “may” is used to indicate these. Also, four-finger gestures require that you have the Multitasking Gestures switch set to On in the General pane of the Settings app.

Action Result
Press the Home button Returns to the last Home screen. If a Home screen is shown,
moves to the first Home screen.
Double-press the Home button Displays the App Switcher, which should show recently opened
Press and hold the Home button Activates Siri.
Press the Sleep/Wake button If the iPad is awake, this puts the iPad to sleep and locks the
screen. If the iPad is asleep, this awakens the iPad.
Press and hold the Sleep/Wake button If the iPad is on, this shows the Power Off screen. If the iPad
is off, this turns the iPad on.
Press the Home button and Sleep/Wake button simultaneously Takes an image of the current screen and places it in the
Photos app.
Tap May select the object or make a field active.
Tap and hold May open a contextual menu.
Tap and hold over text May open the magnifier to enlarge the text under your finger
while held to the screen.
Tap at the top of a screen May scroll the contents back to the top.
Double-tap May zoom the screen in or out.
Flick (a short horizontal slide of a finger) May scroll a list or page. May reveal Delete or other onscreen
buttons (such as over a message).
Swipe (a longer slide of a finger) Scrolls a list or page in the direction of the swipe.
Swipe down from the screen edge Opens the Notification Center in an app or Home screen.
Swipe up from the screen edge Opens the Control Center in an app, Home, or Lock screen.
Swipe left from the screen edge May go back to the previous window, tab, page, and so on.
Swipe down From a Home screen, opens the Spotlight search facility.
Four-finger swipe up Opens the app switcher.
Four-finger swipe left or right In an app screen, moves you to the next or previous app.
Pinch (pulling a finger and thumb closer together) May zoom out (show more of the contents).
Expand (pushing a finger and thumb further apart) May zoom in (show a close-up of a portion of the
Four-finger pinch (pulling a thumb and three fingers closer
In an app, closes the current app and returns to the Home
Twist two fingers (or a finger and a thumb) May rotate the contents.