Using Flipboard on Your iPad - dummies

By Edward C. Baig, Bob LeVitus

Flipboard is a great app for your iPad. If imitation is (as the cliché goes) a form of flattery, Apple reaped high praise on Flipboard when it unleased a new News app as part of iOS 9 (and revamped with iOS 10). Apple’s News seems to share much in common with Flipboard, the latter being a socially oriented personal magazine app that we’re confident news and information junkies will like a lot.

To get started with Flipboard, tap the topics you’re interested in: business, technology, sports, arts & culture, wine tasting, music, cute animals, and a lot more — over 30,000 topics, in fact.

Flipboard then delivers articles based on your selections, all presented in a handsome, intuitive interface. Swipe left and right to move from page to page. Tap on the articles you want to read. Fine-tune the articles that Flipboard delivers by tapping a thumbs-up icon (more like this) icon or a thumbs-down one (less like this).

By choosing “weird” as one of his topics, Ed was able to read articles he was unlikely to stumble upon otherwise, including a story out of the Daily Mail in the UK that revealed “The weirdest things dentists have found in patients’ mouths.”

You’ll find articles in Flipboard that are a lot more appetizing than that one. As a bonus, you can link Flipboard to various social media accounts.