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Using the Bedtime, Stopwatch, and Timer Features in Your iPad’s Clock App

By Edward C. Baig, Bob LeVitus

Your iPad’s Clock app does more than tell the time. It comes loaded with a ton of features. With the implementation of iOS 10, Apple introduced the Bedtime feature, which joins the Stopwatch and Timer (among other handy features).


The aptly named Bedtime feature, in the Clock app, is all about you getting a healthy and consistent night’s sleep. To get started, you’re asked a few simple questions, such as what time you would like to wake up, which days of the week the alarm should go off (the default is every day), and how many hours of sleep you need each night. You get to choose when to receive a bedtime reminder and which tone to hear when you wake up.

You can also get a good grasp on your sleep history by displaying data from your wakeup alarm, sleep trackers, and any other sleep data accumulated in HealthKit.


If you’re helping a loved one train for a marathon, the iPad Stopwatch function can provide an assist. Open it by tapping Stopwatch in the Clock app.

Just tap Start to begin the count, and then tap Stop when your trainee arrives at the finish line. You can also tap the Lap button to monitor the times of individual laps.


Cooking a hard-boiled egg or Thanksgiving turkey? Again, the iPad comes to the rescue. Tap Timer (in the Clock app) and then rotate the hour and minute wheels until the length of time you desire is highlighted.

Tap the sounds icon near the bottom of the screen to choose the ringtone that will signify time’s up.

After you set the length of the timer, tap Start when you’re ready to begin. You can watch the minutes and seconds wind down on the screen, if you have nothing better to do. Or tap Pause to pause the countdown temporarily.

If you’re doing anything else on the iPad — admiring photos, say — you hear the ringtone and see a Timer Done message on the screen at the appropriate moment. Tap OK to silence the ringtone.