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Use Your iPad for Guitar and Bass Tablature with the TabToolkit App

The Internet has a ton of guitar and bass tablature that makes it a lot easier to learn a new song. TabToolkit for iPad makes that process even easier, especially if you need to learn a song on the go.

Tablature (usually called tab or tabs for short) is a musical notation system popular with guitarists and bassists. Rather than writing notes on a staff, you note which fret on which string is being played.


TabToolkit’s most basic function is to organize and display your guitar tabs. The app doesn’t come with any tabs, but it’s easy enough to find billions of them on the Internet. You can get them into this app in three ways, too, which is very cool. The first is to simply browse for them in the in-app browser. Search for a song’s name with tab at the end, and you’ll likely find the song right away. If TabToolkit detects a tab when you visit the page, it will tell you so, and with one tap, you can import it into the app.

Lefties aren’t left out of this fretboard feature. When you’re in a song, tap the gears icon and you can toggle a preference for displaying the left-handed or right-handed fretboard.

TabToolkit also has a very cool file transfer system. If you have tabs on your computer you want to transfer, and both your iPad and computer are on the same network, you can tap the Upload & Download button to get a URL. Open that URL on your computer, click the Add Files button to navigate to where you have them, select them, and they’re added to your app. You can also just use this same special Web page to simply copy and paste text-based tabs into the app.

If you have Power Tab or Guitar Pro file formats, TabToolkit lets you play them back, control which instruments you hear, and adjust the tempo.