Use the Daily Stocks App to Check the Markets from Your iPad - dummies

Use the Daily Stocks App to Check the Markets from Your iPad

The Daily Stocks app for iPad can provide you with technical scans of the market and is designed to highlight trends in the marketplace based on some highly technical analytical techniques. This kind of information is mainly the domain of fairly serious traders.

Daily Stocks works just fine in landscape and portrait mode, but landscape mode shows you a little more information.


At the top of the screen in the green bar are three tabs: JC (Japanese Candlesticks), OS (Overextended Stocks), and SS (Stock Scans). These are three different styles of reports, and each offers very different information:

  • JC: A candlestick in the trading world is a kind of bar graph. It shows the opening and closing price of a stock, with the color telling you whether it was a winning day (opening on the bottom, closing on the top) or a losing day (opening at the top, closing at the bottom).

    The JC tab offers ten Bullish trends, ten Bearish trends, and three Indecision trends. These are all attempts to understand where the market is headed based on patterns that have been identified in the past. In other words, they are far from perfect (but their adherents tend to feel strongly about them). Those names you see, like Falling Three Method or Engulfing, are all English approximations of the original Japanese names the patterns were given.

    In any event, the trends with more information are shaded darker grey, and a tap gives you a new screen with a definition of what the trend is supposed to identify and a list of the stocks that matched the pattern to begin with.

  • OS: Overextended Stocks (OS) are stocks that have broken above their resistance levels (Overbought) or below their support levels (Oversold) or that have traveled beyond their Simple Moving Average (SMA). The OS tab gives you a list of the ten most oversold or overbought stocks compared to their SMA over the last 9 to 200 days. You can tap through one of those ten stocks in any of the SMA views to get several graphs and charts.

  • SS: Lastly, the Stock Scans tab gives you more than 50 reports of stocks that have met some specific criterion (such as new 52-week high or low, various volume levels, crossover reports, and many more).