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How to Use Slide Over and Split View on Your iPad Pro

By Jesse Feiler

iPad Pro introduces two new interface features that take advantage of its large high-resolution touchscreen, allowing it to display more data on the screen. That can mean larger images with more detail, but it can also mean multitasking in new ways as you can see and work with several apps at the same time.

Not every app supports these features yet. Most of the built-in apps do, and independent developers are gradually adopting the technology. If your favorite app doesn’t yet support Slide Over or Split View, visit the app’s web page or tap a Contact Us button to make your voice heard to the developer. In the future, when an app asks whether you want to receive notices about new features, opt in; then, if the developer presents a list of new features and lets users vote on them, you’ll be able to make your opinion known. Developers do listen!

Starting with Slide Over

To use the Slide Over feature, follow these steps:

  1. Open one of the apps you want to use. (Don’t start from the home screen: You must start from an app.)

    You can use any app you want.

  2. With one finger, slowly drag from the middle of the right edge toward the center. Slide Over opens.

    If you haven’t used Slide Over yet today, you may see the apps that are now running.

  3. Tap an app to show it in Slide Over. (You can swipe up and down to see the apps.) If you tap Calendar, for example, you see it in Slide Over.
  4. If you want to return to the list of running apps, just drag down from the top of Slide Over.

Slide Over is narrow. Both apps are running, but the main app has a bigger view for you to work with. Notice that at the top of the Slide Over in the image above, you have a Back button (< Sep 2016) and other buttons from Calendar that allow you to search and add a new appointment. These buttons are a bit smaller, but they work.

Moving to Split View

If you want to use both apps at the same time, you can move on to Split View. With Slide Over open, continue dragging the small white handle toward the center of the screen to open Split View.


While you’re in Split View, you can drag the heavy black divider left or right to change the sizes of the panes, or you can have equal space for both apps. Both apps are fully functional although in some special cases, the app may not show certain non-critical elements to adjust to the narrower width of the split view when compared to the full screen.