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Use Siri to Search for Appointments and Contacts

Third-generation iPad users can use Siri to search for appointments in the Calendar app and to look up — and even communicate with — people in the Contacts app.

Search for appointments with Siri

To prompt Siri to search for appointments, use the words “appointment” or “calendar” and include a keyword, proper name, or other identifying information.

Consider that you scheduled an appointment with your dentist months ago, but now you can’t remember the date or the time. Without Siri, you could pore through your daily, weekly, or monthly calendars, or scroll through a List view until you land on the appointment. But that is the very definition of inefficiency.

The much faster way is to just type the name of your dentist in the Search box in the upper-right corner of the various Calendar screens or use the Spotlight search from your Home screen. You’re instantly transported to the date and time of the entry from your current calendar view.

Search for contacts

You can locate people on your iPad without actually opening the Contacts app. Type a name in the Spotlight Search field, and then tap the name in the search results.

And if you have a third-generation iPad, you can not only ask Siri to find people for you, you can also have her compose and send them an e-mail or iMessage, or call them on the telephone or via FaceTime video chat.

Without Siri, you can search contacts by entering a first or last name in the Search field or by entering a company name.

If you’re searching contacts with a Microsoft Exchange account, you may be able to search your employer’s Global Address List (GAL for short). This search typically works in one of two ways:

  • Tap the Groups button in the upper-left corner of the All Contacts screen and tap the appropriate Exchange server name to find folks. Groups on your computer might reflect, say, different departments in your company, friends from work, friends from school, and so on.

  • You can search a so-called LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) server. Similarly, if you have a CardDAV account, you can search for any contacts that have been synced to the iPad.