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How to Use Siri with Third-Party Apps on Your iPad

By Jesse Feiler

iOS 10 lets developers create third-party apps for your iPad that use Siri. These apps can use Siri to support VoIP calling, messaging, payments, photos, workouts, and ride booking. Aspects of CarPlay and restaurant reservations can be implemented by developers working directly with Apple, too.

Siri integration was rolled out to developers with iOS 10. It’s there for developers and their apps to use, so you don’t have to wait for periodic updates to iOS to get new Siri-enabled apps: They’re available as soon as developers add them to the App Store. You can find the Siri-enabled apps that you have on your iPad by going to Settings →   Siri →   App Support.

The list continues to grow rapidly. You can use a web browser to find Siri-enabled apps (or ask Siri to do the search for you). There are several areas that developers are particularly looking at Siri for:

  • Ride sharing. Apps that are useful to people on the go (either on foot, public transportation, or cars) are great candidates for Siri integration. You’ll find the Lyft, Uber, Didi (China), and Tappsi (Colombia) apps with Siri interfaces. More are coming every day.
  • Restaurants. People on the go often get hungry, so Open Table and Yelp are now integrated with Siri.
  • Workouts and tourism. Siri is great at giving you directions and keeping track of where you are and how long you’ve been traveling or working out. Apps like Nike+ Run Club, Map My Run, Pocket Yoga, and Runtastic work with Siri.
  • Messaging. In addition to Messages, which is built into iOS, you’ll find a variety of other apps such as WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Convo, WeChat, and Slack. It’s really convenient to send a message without having to type on a screen or keyboard.
  • Scheduling apps. From movies to museums to food stores, apps let you find out when and where things are that you’re interested in. More and more of these apps now work with Siri. You may find that you already have quite a few Siri-enabled apps on your iPad.