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How to Use the Memories Feature on Your iPad

By Edward C. Baig, Bob LeVitus

Hidden within almost everyone’s photo collection are the crown jewels of the iPad, those images that trigger the most precious memories. As part of the Photos app in iOS 10, Apple added a Memories feature that can help trigger such memories automatically. Tap the Memories tab to take a photographic trip down memory lane.

How does it work? The Photos app smartly scans your picture library and collects images around vacations, birthday parties, and whatever the app deems are the best pictures you took during a given year or shorter time frame.

For example, the Memories feature built memories based on beach vacations and even built collections based on what Apple considered the best photos. Within such memories, you can play a Memories movie that the app automatically generates, complete with theme music, titles, and transitions. You can edit those movies too, by changing the title, music, duration, and photos in the movies. Apple promises to deliver up to three new memories daily.

Thanks for the Photos memories.

Inside a memory, you can view pictures the app thinks are related, as well as by the people in them or by place (with photos plotted on a map).

Indeed, in grouping photos into albums and such, Apple exploits advanced computer vision technology, using facial, object, and scene recognition along with location data to make intelligent choices.

If you cherish any of the memories that Apple has kindly put together on your behalf, tap Add to Favorite Memories at the bottom so you can easily access it whenever you choose. If you change your mind, tap Remove from Favorite Memories. And if you don’t like a memory from the start — perhaps it is too bittersweet — tap Delete Memory to wipe it from your own memory, though the individual pictures remain in your collection.

Want to see memories built around holiday events in your home country? Go to Settings → Photos & Camera and tap to enable the Show Holiday Events switch.