Use Copy and Paste in the Notes App on Your iPad - dummies

Use Copy and Paste in the Notes App on Your iPad

By Dwight Spivey

The Notes app on your iPad includes two essential editing tools that you’re probably familiar with from using word processors: Copy and Paste.

  1. With a note displayed, press and hold your finger on a word.

    To extend a selection to adjacent words, press one of the little handles that extend from an edge of the selection and drag to the left, right, up, or down.

  2. Tap Select or Select All in the options that appear.
  3. On the next toolbar that appears, tap the Copy button.
  4. Tap in the document where you want the copied text to go and then press and hold your finger on the screen.
  5. On the toolbar that appears (shown here), tap the Paste button.

    The copied text appears (as shown).


If you want to select all text in a note to either delete or copy it, tap the Select All button on the toolbar shown. All text is selected, and then you use the Cut or Copy command on the toolbar to delete or copy the selected text. You can also tap the Delete key on the keyboard to delete selected text.