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Unpacking a New iPad mini: What’s in the Box?

Unpacking your iPad mini delivery box reveals accessories — cords and adapters — that enable you connect your iPad mini to your computer to sync and charge it. A powered USB hub, one that plugs into an AC outlet, will probably recharge your iPad. Some USB hubs don’t provide enough juice to recharge an iPad. If you have a powered hub, try it. If you see the Not Charging message, your hub’s not juicy enough.

  • Lightning Connector-to-USB cable: Use this handy cable to sync or charge your iPad. You can plug the USB connector into your Mac or PC to sync (so everything that’s on one is also on the other) or plug it into the USB power adapter.

    You may be able to sync if you connect the USB cable to USB ports on your keyboard, USB hub, display, or other external device (even the USB ports on an older Mac or PC), but more than likely it won’t charge the iPad mini’s battery. If you use an external USB port, you probably see a Not Charging message next to the battery icon at the top of the screen.

  • USB power adapter: Use this adapter to recharge your iPad mini from a standard AC power outlet.

  • Some Apple logo decals: Of course.

  • iPad mini instruction sheet: Unfortunately (or fortunately, if you’re the author of a book about using the iPad mini), this little one-page, two-sided pamphlet offers precious little useful information.

  • Important Product Information Guide pamphlet: Well, it must be important because it says so right on the cover. You can find basic safety warnings, a bunch of legalese, warranty information, and info on how to dispose of or recycle the iPad. (What! Youre getting rid of it already?) A few other pieces of advice: Don’t drop the iPad if you can help it, keep the thing dry, and give full attention to the road while you’re driving — or walking, for that matter.

  • iPad mini: You were starting to worry. Yes, the iPad mini itself is also in the box.