Track Flights with the FlightTrack Pro iPad App - dummies

Track Flights with the FlightTrack Pro iPad App

With the FlightTrack Pro app for iPad, you can track flights all over the world on a map, and you can do it in real time, too. In addition, it has integrated support for TripIt, which makes tracking those flights on your iPad super easy.

On the map, you’ll see green and red squares, and an airplane icon and line representing each of the routes. The red squares are destinations, and the green ones are departure cities. If you tap those squares, you’ll get a pop-up window with information and any warnings regarding that specific airport.


Tap a jet, and you’ll find additional information about that flight. The pop-up window includes take-off and landing times, on-time status, and if you scroll down, you get total air time, elapsed time, the remaining time for the flight, a weather forecast, and other information.

The mapping service is provided by Google, and it includes an overlay of live weather information.

Most people aren’t going to fire up this app just to watch random flights. Its main use is to monitor flights you actually care about. There are two key features that make this app very convenient for this use. The first is support for TripIt, a third-party service that monitors your flights for you. You can use TripIt to get e-mail notifications of status updates for your flight, and with support for the service in this app, you can use it to make entering your flight information easy.

The other key feature is the way the app uses Push Notification Service to send you any updates on the flights you are tracking. Push notifications show up even if you don’t have the app open, meaning you get those status updates without having to go look for them.

You can e-mail flight information directly from the app, too. You’ll appreciate this when you get a Push update that a flight has been delayed and need to send it to your coworker or family member who is picking someone up.