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Tips for Using VoiceOver on Your iPad

After you have turned the accessibility feature VoiceOver on on your iPad, you need to figure out how to use it. Using it is awkward at first, but you’ll get the hang of it! Here are the main onscreen gestures you should know how to use:

  • Tap an item to select it. VoiceOver then speaks its name.

  • Double-tap the selected item. This action activates the item.

  • Flick three fingers. It takes three fingers to scroll around a page with VoiceOver turned on.

This table provides additional gestures to help you use VoiceOver. If you want to use this feature often, read the VoiceOver section of the iPad online User Guide, which goes into a great deal of detail about the ins and outs of using VoiceOver. You’ll find the User Guide in the Bookmarks section of the Safari browser.

VoiceOver Gestures
Gesture Effect
Flick right or left. Select the next or preceding item.
Tap with two fingers. Stop speaking the current item.
Flick two fingers up. Read everything from the top of the screen.
Flick two fingers down. Read everything from the current position.
Flick three fingers up or down. Scroll one page at a time.
Flick three fingers right or left. Go to the next or preceding page.
Tap three fingers. Speak the scroll status (for example, line 20 of 100).
Flick four fingers up or down. Go to the first or last element on a page.
Flick four fingers right or left. Go to the next or preceding section (as on a web page).

If tapping with two or three fingers seems difficult for you, try tapping with one finger from one hand and one or two from the other. When double- or triple-tapping, you have to perform these gestures as quickly as you can for them to work.

Check out some of the settings for VoiceOver, including a choice for Braille, Language Rotor for making language choices, the ability to navigate images, and a setting to have iPad speak notifications.