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Tips for Selecting Objects in iBooks Author

By Galen Gruman

iBooks Author lets you lay out your book and illustrate it with tables, charts, and graphics. Selecting objects can be tricky, however, if you have created multiple layers. After you get your elements in your layouts and pages, chances are that you want to adjust their size and position to work well in your page layout’s design. You may also want to distribute multiple objects evenly, and perhaps flip or rotate them. You likely want text to wrap around overlapping objects so that the text doesn’t overlap those other objects, even when they overlap its text box.

Working with objects in the layout is fairly straightforward, although you need to note some issues with selecting objects in iBooks Author. Like with all other Mac programs, you click anywhere in an object to select it, which causes the object’s boundary and selection handles to appear. But it can be difficult to select an object in iBooks Author, especially if an overlapping object is already selected. If you can’t select an object, try the following:

  • Click its boundary. (Choose View→Show Layout Boundaries or press Shift+Command+L to show all objects’ boundaries, not just the currently selected object’s boundary.)

  • Click outside all objects, such as in the outer margins of a page, and then try clicking the object again.

  • Move an overlapping object out of the way, and then try clicking the desired object. (You can put the other object back later.)

  • Move an overlapping object below the desired object by selecting that in-the-way object and then choosing Format→Arrange→Send to Back or pressing Shift+Command+B. But moving an object below the one you want to select often doesn’t help in selecting the desired object like it does in most other programs.

Selecting multiple objects is the same in iBooks Author as in any Mac program. Click and drag to create a marquee rectangle around the objects you want to select, and then release the pointer. All objects within the marquee are selected; to select just specific objects instead, click the first object and Shift-click each additional object you want to select.

If you select multiple objects, you can have iBooks Author distribute them evenly: Choose Format→Distribute Objects→Horizontally (or Vertically), depending on how you want to distribute them.

If you select multiple objects, iBooks Author can align them for you. Choose Format→Arrange Objects, and then choose the desired alignment from the submenu, which contains the options Left, Center, Right, Top, Middle, or Bottom.