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Tips for Giving Presentations with Keynote for iPad

Keynote is the presentation component of iWork for iPad. With Keynote for iPad, small group or one-on-one presentations using iPad are made possible in a new way because you can easily present short but impressive presentations just about anywhere.

Using a projector

The Apple iPad Dock Connector to VGA Adapter is a cable that connects your iPad to any VGA device, such as a projector. With it, you can use Keynote to give your presentation.

When you connect a projector (or any other display) to your iPad with the iPad Dock Connector to VGA Adapter, the Keynote app can sense that it has a second display. It uses that display when you start a slide show in the Keynote app. While it’s sending the presentation to the external display, it lets you control it from your iPad.


Keeping track of time

When you’re giving a presentation, you should always keep track of time so that you cover everything and don’t exhaust your audience’s patience. At the top of your iPad screen, the time is displayed, but it’s a great idea to look up at a clock (ideally behind the audience). It helps you keep track of time and it also avoids you looking down and away from the audience all the time.

Using nanopresentations

iPad is a game-changer in many ways. Keynote for iPad can help you take advantage of a new opportunity — nanopresentations (presentations to a small group of people).

For presentations to large (or even medium-size) groups, your iPad and a projector work very well. But for a smaller group, a projector can be overkill. You can use your iPad for a presentation to a few people seated around a table or seated or standing anywhere they want.

But think about the possibilities. If you’re selling something that’s not easy to carry around, a photo album on your iPad is a great way to show prospective customers what you’re talking about. But a Keynote presentation — even just a handful of slides — can be much more effective and impressive than a photo album.

Presentation pointers

Here are a few final tips for giving presentations with your iPad:

  • Avoid the dark: If you’re using a projector, use the least amount of room-darkening you can for your presentation. Make sure you can see your audience.

  • Use Q&A sections: Include frequent, short Q&A sections in your presentations to involve your audience as much as possible.

  • Use a roadmap: Let people know where they’re going in your presentation and where they are at any moment.

  • Rehearse and time your presentation: Fortunately, Keynote has excellent presentation tools, so you can make your presentation as efficient as possible.