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Things You Can Do with the Notes App on Your iPad

By Nancy C. Muir

The new Notes app on your iPad has a few neat features you may want to check out. You can add just about anything to your notes that you will need for later, including a drawing. Keep reading to learn more.

Add a drawing

With the latest version of Notes, you can create a drawing to add to your note.

  1. With a note open, tap in the note to display the keyboard.

  2. Click the Drawing tool (a squiggle near the right side of the top of the keyboard). The drawing tools appear.


  3. Tap a drawing tool (Pen, Marker, or Pencil).

  4. Tap a color in the color palette that appears.

  5. Draw on the screen using your finger.


When you’ve finished drawing, click Done.

Clicking the Ruler tool places a ruler-shaped item on screen that you can use to help you to draw straight lines.

Apply a text style

Text styles, including Title, Heading, Body, Bulleted List, Dashed List, and Numbered List, are available on the new shortcut toolbar above the onscreen keyboard. With a note open and the shortcut toolbar displayed, press on text and choose Select or Select All.

Tap the Text Style (labelled Aa) and then tap a style on the list. Click Done and the style is applied.


Create a checklist

The new Checklist formatting feature in Notes allows you to add circular buttons in front of text and then click those buttons to check off completed items on a checklist.

  1. With a note open and the shortcut toolbar displayed, click the Checklist button.

  2. Enter text and press Return on the keyboard. A second checklist bullet appears.

  3. When you’re done entering Checklist items, after entering the last item press Return, and then tap the Checklist button again to turn the feature off.

You can apply the Checklist formatting to existing text if you press on the text, tap Select or Select All, and then tap the Checklist button.

Add a Shared item to a note

In iOS 9, you can share items to a note. For example, if you are displaying a map in Maps or a photo in Photos, you can tap the Share button and then choose Notes.

When you do, in the dialog that appears, you can either add text to the note and save it or select an existing note to add the item to.