The Screens on Your iPad - dummies

By Jesse Feiler

When you press the Home button on your iPad, you see the lock screen or the home screen. Notification Center appears when you swipe down from the top of the screen: It, too, is a type of home screen. Here’s a guide to those screens.

You can customize your iPad’s screens with everything from the images in the background (wallpaper) to your time zone and language and the apps that are displayed on each screen.

Start from the lock screen

When you first pick up your iPad and press the Home button, you see the lock screen. (If the iPad is turned off, press the Sleep/Wake button at the top of the iPad (the edge opposite the Home button).

The lock screen displays the current date and time, but the iPad is locked; you can’t do much of anything until you log in with your passcode or your fingerprint and Touch ID. The lock screen may have some very tiny app icons at the bottom of it. Like almost everything on a home screen, what you see can be configured using Settings.


Tour the home screen

The home screen appears after you’ve unlocked your iPad with Touch ID and your fingerprint or with a passcode. The main part of the home screen is taken up with icons for the apps installed on your iPad. The apps that are already installed for you may vary but typically include FaceTime (for video or audio conferencing), Photos, Camera, Videos, Notes, Reminders, and News.


Icons for other apps appear on the Dock at the bottom of the screen.

Visit Today view

Today view is another of the views you can see when you press the Home button. This view can contain events from your calendar, reminders, music, notes, and more. Tapping any of them gives you more information.


You can add new widgets to Today view either by tapping the round Edit button below the left column or by tapping New Widget Available to see what it is and to install it if you want to.

Although it’s called Today view, it’s more of a Now view.

Check Notification Center

Swipe down from the top of the screen or from left to right to see Notification Center.Notification Center contains notifications from various apps such as Calendar and Reminders. (Notifications are just that — a notice from an app that something has happened, will happen, or might happen if you take an action.) It also can contain widgets that provide specific types of information, such as stock quotes and weather forecasts.