Start a New Presentation with the Keynote App for iPad - dummies

Start a New Presentation with the Keynote App for iPad

You can start your Keynote presentation on your iPad by creating a blank slide or by choosing from a variety of Keynote’s templates. Between adding any text that you need onto the slides and using animated transitions, you’ll soon have a sophisticated and useful presentation.

You get started with the Keynote app the same way you do with other iWork for iPad apps: Create a new document or open an existing one.

Creating your first Keynote slide and adding text

The templates in all of the iWork apps provide you with great starting points. When it comes to Keynote, you’re almost certain to find pre-built slides you can use, so it’s just a matter of organizing your own data.

  1. To begin a new presentation, tap Keynote on the Home screen.

  2. On the New Presentations screen (it should appear when you first open Keynote; if not, tap the My Presentations button in the top-left corner), tap the + button and then tap New Presentation.

  3. In the Choose a Theme screen, tap on a theme for your presentation (note that the themes determine the background color and font that will be used).

    The presentation appears with one slide in it.

  4. Double-tap a text placeholder on the slide to edit it.

    The text placeholder opens for editing and the onscreen keyboard appears.

  5. Enter any text you’d like and then tap the slide itself to close the keyboard when you’re done.

Formatting text

With Keynote — perhaps more than with the other iWork apps — it’s more filling in the blanks than fussing around with formatting. You can get right to work. The font is determined by the theme you choose, but you can modify its size and add effects such as bold and italic. Here’s how:

  1. Double-tap text to select it.

  2. Tap the Info button, choose a text style option (Title or Subtitle, for example), and tap any of the formatting choices (Bold, Italic, Underline, or Strikethrough) to apply them to the selected text.

  3. Tap the slide again to hide the Info options.

You want your presentation text to be perfect, so take advantage of the Check Spelling feature. Tap the Tools button to turn on Check Spelling. Select text and then choose More. In the next bar of commands that appears, tap Replace, and Keynote suggests alternate spellings. As with all spelling checkers, be aware that words that are spelled correctly but not correct in context (such as days when you meant daze) won’t be caught.

Adding a new slide

To add a new slide, tap the + button in the lower-left corner and choose the style of slide from the gallery that appears. Want to add a bulleted list? Just choose a slide style with a bulleted list already on it.


You can choose the layout for the slide you’re adding from the thumbnails shown in the popover. The layouts for new slides vary from template to template.