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Solar Walk — Solar System App for the iPad

By Edward C. Baig, Bob LeVitus

Everyone likes to gaze at the heavens, but few have any clue what they’re looking at. The Solar Walk — Solar System animated $2.99 app for the iPad provides a guide to the night sky from Vito Technology. The app recently was refreshed to take advantage of the third-generation Retina display.

This app will delight astronomy students and really anyone fascinated by outer space, even if purists scoff that Pluto, no longer considered a planet, is included in the solar system model.

From the start, you’re taken on a virtual tour through the galaxy to the Earth. You can search planets, satellites, stars, and more and travel through time and space with a Time Machine feature. Animated movies cover topics such as Earth’s Cycles, Solar Eclipse, and The Moon Phases.

What’s more, the app can exploit 3D, provided you supply your own anaglyph-style cyan-red 3D glasses. And if you hook the iPad up to a 3DTV using an HDMI adapter, you can get a true sense of the depth and sheer size of the solar system in 3D, while controlling what you see on the screen through the iPad.

Of course without 3D, you can use AirPlay to mirror what’s on the iPad screen on the bigger TV screen, provided you have an Apple TV.