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Social Media Apps for Your iPad

Your iPad can be a great tool for dipping into the world of social media. Third-party vendors offer great iPad apps for using Facebook, Twitter, blogs, instant messaging, and more. Here are seven great social media apps you can try on your iPad:

  • Friendly for Facebook: This free app by Oecoway, Inc., lets you do everything you usually do on Facebook with a simpler, friendlier interface.

    So how do Facebook and Friendly for Facebook really differ? On Facebook, you see categories like News Feed, Messages, Events, and Friends along the left side like a sort of navigation bar. On the right are suggestions of friends and sponsored links (ads). In Friendly for Facebook, whose Home page is shown here, tabs replace the navigation bar in many cases. If you tap the Friends button at the top of the screen, you get another tabbed interface with Friends, Phonebook, and Pages (web pages) dividing information into simple sets.


  • Blogshelf: For only 99 cents, you can download this offering from gdiplus. It lets you subscribe to and read blogs and newsfeeds, e-mail, tweet, or post content to Facebook and save images to an album in Photos.

    Pick the blogs and news feeds (up to 90) that appeal to you, and Blogshelf gathers content for you. The layout gets rid of all the surrounding web page banners and ads you see on the original blog or news page.


  • Twitterific for Twitter: Free from NPR, Twitterific lets you follow tweets from a variety of sources, track favorites and messages, and create customized searches.

    Each tweet has access to a set of tools you can use to reply to the tweet, retweet, or retweet with comment. There are tools that let you translate a tweet or e-mail it. You can also display tweets in conversations to help you follow along with the crowd.


  • Flipboard: Flipboard, Inc. offers this free app for accessing Facebook and Twitter postings from a centralized location. Add your own sections of news categories to follow.


  • SocialSeek: Offered for free by Sensidea, this app is like a police channel scanner for social content. Scan through blogs, tweets, videos, and events by topic. You can look through categories of topics focused on entertainment, sports, and more to get the hottest news and opinions. One cool feature of this app is the ability to make your own SocialSeek site.

  • TextPics+: If using the shorthand language of texting is limiting for you, consider adding some visual zing to your messages with TextPics+, which is Free from Mangoo. Categories include everything from Animals and Celebrations to Scenery and Vehicles. Find an image you like and tap it to display a menu that gives you several options.

  • IM+: This instant messaging app, free from SHAPE Services, works with Google Talk, Yahoo! Messenger, MSN/Windows Live Messenger, AIM/iChat, ICQ, MySpace, Twitter, Facebook, and Jabber. You can share text, photos, voice, and video and organize your various IM messages easily. There are several really attractive backgrounds to choose from to customize your IM environment, making chats an appealing visual experience. You can also see at a glance which of your contacts are online at any moment.