Share a Note on Your iPad - dummies

By Dwight Spivey

If you want to share what you wrote in a note on your iPad with a friend or colleague, you can easily use AirDrop (iPad 5 or later), Mail, or Message to send the contents of a note.

  1. With a note displayed, tap the Share button at the top right of the screen and a popover appears, as shown.
  2. Tap Mail or Message. In the email or message form that appears, type one or more addresses in the appropriate fields. At least one address must appear in the To field.
  3. If you need to make changes to the subject or message, tap in either area and make the changes.
  4. Tap the Send button, and your email or message is sent.

    To leave an email before sending it and save a draft so that you can finish and send it later, tap Cancel, and then tap Save Draft. The next time you tap the Mail button with the same note displayed in Notes, your draft appears.

  5. To send via AirDrop to an AirDrop-enabled device (including Macs running OS X Yosemite or later with an AirDrop Finder window open) nearby, tap AirDrop in Step 2 and then tap the detected device to which you want to send the note.

If you want to print a note, in Step 2, choose Print rather than Mail (you may have to swipe over a bit to find it in the options). Complete the Printer Options dialog by designating an AirPrint-enabled wireless printer (or shared printer on a network that you can access using AirPrint) and how many copies to print; then tap Print.