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Search Science Terms with the Science Glossary App for iPad

Science Glossary is a standalone app for iPad filled with definitions of science terms and biographies of important scientists and historical figures from the world of science. It also ties into the company’s online site, You won’t need to access anything at that site if you don’t need to, but it’s free if you do want to explore those external links.

If you work in, with, or for anything even vaguely scientific in nature, this app will prove a good resource that you might be surprised how often you utilize. Most people probably use it to look up terms they aren’t familiar with, but some will use it just to learn.

Words and phrases that are underlined in blue in the definitions are links to other definitions in the app. Words and phrases that are listed in the pullout box are links to Tap the blue links and you immediately pull up the new definition. Tap the words in the box and you’ll leave Science Glossary and be taken to in Safari.


As you can see, the definitions are succinct, and they include everything you need to know to understand the term. If you want more, tap the blue links for an additional definition, or tap through the terms in the box for more detailed articles.

See that Random button in the upper-right portion of the screen? That’s just what you think it is: a button for pulling up random definitions and biographies.